Streamlining Your Supply Chain

Reliable, Agile and Sustainable Intermodal Services

Unlock a new dimension of efficiency with our Intermodal services. We seamlessly integrate various modes of transportation, such as trucking, rail, and sea, to create a customized and cost-effective supply chain solution.

Our intermodal approach optimizes transit times, reduces costs, and minimizes environmental impact, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional transportation methods.

As a seasoned full scale Intermodal service provider, we can convert any 53’ Truckload to a 40’/ 45’ or 20’ container for rail service onto any final delivery countrywide via our network of leading National Rail service providers.

From dock to final mile delivery, rail is an excellent way to ship non time sensitive products, while cutting back on 30% of Co2 emissions along the way. You can feel good knowing that you‘re playing your part in helping our planet while scaling back on your Inland costs substantially.

DRAYAGE SERVICES: Getting Containers on the Road
or Rail as Efficiently as Possible.
Drayage Services

Hudson is a true specialist in connecting international supply with trusted domestic final mile providers in all major markets nationwide.

Uncertainty at the port has never been greater, and any delays can disrupt the whole flow of your network.

We understand it’s vital to have a proven drayage provider to get your cargo off the ship and moving in a timely fashion. Our comprehensive drayage services include container tracking, real-time updates, efficient customs clearance, and flexible scheduling to adapt to any unforeseen challenges.

If you have a container ready to go, let us know and we’ll ensure it’s picked up and delivered to its desired destination swiftly and securely. Our team is dedicated to providing seamless and reliable drayage solutions.

Experience the flexibility and reliability of Hudson’s intermodal services. Contact us today for a supply chain solution that
adapts to your business needs.


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