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Cold Chain Logistics Management

Hudson International is your trusted partner in advanced cold chain management. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the careful handling of your perishable shipments, implementing rigorous temperature monitoring protocols throughout the entire transportation process. With our extensive fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles and a vast network of dependable air and ocean carriers, we take immense pride in guaranteeing timely deliveries with a steadfast commitment to zero rejections and zero returns, ensuring the utmost reliability and freshness for your perishable items.
Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Single-party coordination ensures a streamlined process across the entire sold supply chain.

Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge

In-depth expertise delivers optimized strategies to maximize efficiencies for your operations.

Vast Network

Vast Network

Temperature controlled warehouses equipped to provide the essential services you require.

Our primary objective is to offer efficient cold chain solutions that minimize complexity, handovers, and waste, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your cold chain logistics with precision and care.

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Experience unparalleled precision and reliability in cold chain supply management with Hudson International. As a leader in the industry, we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to meet your unique needs.
Preserve Flower And Plant Quality

Preserve Flower and Plant Quality

Transporting flowers and plants demands meticulous care due to their delicate nature. Our expert team ensures that your botanical treasures reach customers in perfect condition, extending their shelf life.

We use special packaging, advanced cooling systems, and strategic logistics to maintain optimal temperature and humidity.

With specialized handling and tailored solutions, we minimize transit times and risks, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

Perishable Produce Logistics

Hudson specializes in cold chain logistics to ensure your perishable goods and fresh produce reach their destinations with exceptional quality and freshness.

We support the entire supply chain, serving local growers, packagers, wholesalers, retailers, and restaurateurs. Our proven logistics and storage processes ensure the safe handling of fragile, time-sensitive fruits and vegetables from start to finish.

We maintain an unbroken cold chain with advanced temperature control systems, utilizing refrigerated trucks, ocean containers, air transport, and state-of-the-art cold storage facilities to keep your produce fresh from field to destination.

Perishable Produce Logistics
Biopharma Logistics Services

Biopharma Logistics Services

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products require specialized handling. At Hudson, we operate advanced temperature-monitored and controlled warehouses to maintain product efficacy and safety.

Our monitoring systems provide real-time data, and our team swiftly responds to any deviations, ensuring the integrity of your pharmaceuticals and healthcare supplies.

With meticulous inventory management and real-time tracking, we ensure these critical products are available when and where needed.


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